How do I choose the right extractor hood for my needs and budget?

Mar 22, 2023

Acceuil 9 Blog 9 How do I choose the right extractor hood for my needs and budget?

Choosing the right extractor hood for your needs and budget: Instructions to follow

Finding the extractor hood that will perfectly meet your culinary needs and your budget is not always easy. It is therefore essential to carefully analyze these criteria and to be aware of the different points of comparison before making a purchase.

1. Market your cooking needs

Above all, the purchase of an extractor hood must be based on your clothes and kitchen needs. Indeed, the available models are very varied and it is important not to be overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities available to you.

Take into account the frequency with which you cook and the type of smokers you cook (fatty dishes, meat preparations, etc.). These elements will allow you to identify the characteristics you will need to look for in the model you have selected.

2. Compare the performance of different models

Once you have identified the range or ranges that interest you the most, it is time to proceed with the analysis and comparison of the different products. Check their suction power (in m3/h), their ability to eliminate odors, their method of attachment and their ease of use.

Distinguish between the different types of hoods:

  • Filtering hoods: Eliminate odors and mists but do not suck in the air and the grease contained in it.
  • Recycling hoods: Aspirate air and reinject it after treatment.
  • Depolluting hoods: They absorb and filter the air more efficiently and are less noisy than other models.
  • Wall-mounted or built-in hoods: Available in several designs, types and colors, they are fixed to the wall.
  • Free-standing hoods: Allow free-standing installation, under a cupboard or worktop.

3. Check compliance with standards

Also note that some extractor hoods are made from easy-to-clean materials and some are not. Drain all models shown to assess if they are functional.

When purchasing, make sure that your extractor hood complies with the CE standard. This guarantees the quality and efficiency of the device and is therefore a major criterion to take into account in your choice.

4. Don't overlook the price

The price is the criterion not to be overlooked. Once you have identified the model you are interested in, compare them according to their specificities and their characteristics. Do not give in to the temptations of cheap products, opt for the best value for money.

By following the tips and tricks above, you are now in a position to choose an extractor hood that suits your needs and your budget.

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