How do I choose the options and functions of my juice machine (pulp control, adjustable juice flow, automatic cleaning, etc.)?

Mar 22, 2023

Acceuil 9 Blog 9 How do I choose the options and functions of my juice machine (pulp control, adjustable juice flow, automatic cleaning, etc.)?

Choosing the options and features of your juice machine

Choosing the features and options of a juice machine can be complicated. However, there are many different options available to suit your needs and allow you to produce fresh and delicious juices without having to worry about the tedious tasks of juicing. In this article, we'll look at how to choose the right features and options for your juice machine to make the most of its versatility.

Pulp control

When buying a juicer, the first thing to consider is the ability to control the pulp. Precise pulp control is essential to achieve the perfect consistency and taste of your juice. Most juicers are equipped with a control system to adjust the degree of juicing and filtration.

Adjustable juice flow

Many juicers come with a juice flow adjustment feature. The power of the motor and the type of blades used are the main factors that affect the juice flow. In general, the higher horsepower the motor and the more advanced the type of blades, the higher the juice flow.

Automatic cleaning

Another important feature to consider is the automatic cleaning of the machine. Some juicers have an automatic cleaning system that can be set to perform cleaning at regular intervals, helping you ensure that your machine is always well maintained and in good working order.

Extraction basket

The juicing basket is another important feature to consider when buying a juicer. The best models will come with an extraction basket made from premium materials, ensuring optimal juice extraction.

Additional container

Juice machines are available with an additional container that allows you to store excess juices. It is therefore important to choose a model that incorporates an additional container of sufficient size to meet your needs.


There are many features and options to consider when buying a juicer. Among these are the pulp control, the adjustable juice flow, the automatic cleaning, the extraction basket and the additional container. By taking these different factors into account, you can choose a juice machine that will perfectly meet your needs and that will allow you to enjoy fresh and delicious juice!

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