How do I choose the options and functions of my connected thermostat (programming, remote control, alerts, etc.)?

Mar 22, 2023

Acceuil 9 Blog 9 How do I choose the options and functions of my connected thermostat (programming, remote control, alerts, etc.)?

Choose the options and functions of your connected thermostat

Today, there is a wide choice of connected thermostats, offering a full range of features and options to help you optimize your energy consumption and improve your comfort. Here are some tips to help you find the connected thermostat that will best meet your needs.

Set your goals

Before choosing a smart thermostat, you should define your goals and requirements. Do you just want a remote control system, or are you looking for something more advanced, like custom programming and real-time alerts? Your choice will depend on the features you need to feel comfortable and control your energy expenditure.

Check the interface

Once you have defined your needs, you need to ensure that the connected thermostat you choose is easy to use. Check that the interface is intuitive and easy to understand and that you can easily access the different features. You should also check that the system is compatible with your existing heating and cooling system.

Review programming options

Programming is one of the main advantages of connected thermostats. So you will need to consider this feature carefully. Most smart thermostats allow you to create custom scenarios to schedule your heating and cooling for specific days and times. This schedule can help you save energy and maintain optimal comfort. You should also check to see if the thermostat has the “holiday” feature which automatically adjusts the thermostat for times when you won't be home.

Remote control

Remote control is another very practical feature of connected thermostats. You can control your heating and cooling from anywhere, anytime. You can easily check temperature levels and settings using your smartphone or tablet. Some connected thermostats even allow you to access detailed information on energy consumption and receive alerts in the event of problems.

Additional options

Many connected thermostats offer additional options to improve your comfort. Some features may include:

  • Presence detection function: this system detects if someone is present in a room and adjusts the temperature accordingly
  • Automatic switch between heating and cooling modes: cec

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