How do I charge and replace the PlayStation 5 controller battery?

Mar 22, 2023

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How to charge and replace the PlayStation 5 controller battery?

The PlayStation 5 joystick is a great way to play online and have fun. But like all wireless devices, it works with a rechargeable battery. In this article, we will tell you how to charge and replace the PlayStation 5 controller battery.

Why is it important to charge your controller battery?

Your PlayStation 5 controller's battery drains fairly quickly, even during periods of inactivity. You might notice at some point that your controller has broken down and needs to be recharged. That's why it's important to charge your controller's battery before you even start playing. A good initial charge will also help extend battery life.

How to charge your PlayStation 5 controller?

There are three methods to charge your PlayStation 5 controller: USB cable, charging dock and wireless charging system.

Charging the USB cable

You can charge your PlayStation 5 controller with a USB cable. Use a USB 3.1 or USB-C cable for faster charging speeds. You can connect to a USB port on the back of your PS5 or to your PC. The controller light will turn off when the battery is fully charged.

Recharge the charging dock

You can also charge your PlayStation 5 controller with the official charging dock. The dock comes with a USB-C cable and is designed to connect directly to your PS5. Just place the controller in the dock, the battery will be charged in a few hours.

Recharge the wireless charging system

Finally, you can charge your PlayStation 5 controller using the wireless charging system. This system works with the PlayStation 5 Wireless Charger and Wireless Charging Pad. You can plug the wireless charger into a wall outlet and place the controller on the charging cradle. The blue light indicates that the controller is charging.

How to replace the battery of your PlayStation 5 controller?

If your PlayStation 5 controller is no longer charging or the battery is draining too quickly, replacing the battery is an option. You can find replacement batteries for controllers for all Sony consoles, including PlayStation 5 consoles.

Buy a replacement battery

Replacement batteries for Playstation 5 controllers can be purchased from many online retailers. Just search for the batteries for the relevant console and choose the right model for your controller.

Install the new battery

Before replacing the battery in your PlayStation 5 controller, you must open it. PlayStation 5 controllers have a back cover that can be easily removed by slipping a screwdriver or nail under the seam and unscrewing or unbuttoning the screws.

Once you've opened the controller, you'll need to remove the existing battery by loosening a screw and prying them out with a spudger or screwdriver. Once the battery is removed, you can insert the new battery and screw it in place.

Start playing!

Once you've installed your new battery, you can close the controller and have fun!

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